Testimonials From Former Clients

Mr. Krompier,

All I can say is THANK YOU for everything that you have done for me. You and your staff have done such a great job representing me. Actually there are no words for the joy that you brought my life for getting me to know and see my daughter and with a quick and civil divorce. After 7 years of going to 3 attorneys all of which were a wash in my book, I found you. What you accomplished for me in 6 months, the other 3 lawyers couldn’t do in 7 years. Thank you again!! You knew my rights as a father and was not afraid to use your knowledge of the law to go after what I was entitled to. Doug, again I Thank you and my daughter thanks you for your hard and excellent work in bringing us back together.

Thank You,


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Dear Mr. Krompier,

I wanted to thank you and your team for what you have accomplished for me. It is nothing short of amazing the results you have achieved. I was at my wits end, having paid years of enormous amounts of alimony to my ex-wife and facing a lifetime of continued alimony payments. I came to you after years of speculation that my ex-wife was cohabitating. I had approached my former divorce attorney years after my divorce and years before coming to see you, only to be told that I had no case. After our initial consultation, you believed that my case was both worth pursuing and likely to succeed based on my facts. You took on my fight. Without even having to appear in Court, you were skilled and knowledgeable enough to convince my ex-wife’s attorney that our case was one that she would not succeed at trial. To my unexpected pleasure, you negotiated a complete termination of my alimony, freeing up almost $80,000.00 per year! I am so grateful to you, Gail and your staff, for giving me back my sanity. I only wish I had retained you when I was getting my divorce. I intend to recommend you to any client’s, friends or family faced with a divorce or circumstances similar to mine!



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