She Vs. You

NJ Divorce Lawyer for Men

The gender-based assault on you by your partner actually begins in her attorney’s office. She will present herself as the better parent, the financially crippled single mother, the unemployable spouse, and often the victim of abuse. In contrast, she will present you as the absent father, the heartless “moneyed-spouse”, and the abusive partner.

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This wasn’t how she viewed you when you and she first met, and it’s not you now! However, now it’s different. Then it was about love and affection. Now it’s about money and vengeance. It’s not about she and you any longer. The sad truth is that it’s about she v. you.

Since our firm focuses on protecting husbands and fathers involved in divorce and other family law matters, you can trust that we will strive to ensure that she v. you, doesn’t turn out to be the end of you.

Leveling The Playing Field

Although family law is intended to be gender-neutral, the outcomes in divorce and family law matters don’t always turn out that way. There are various reasons to explain this phenomenon, not the least of which is political correctness.

It is politically correct and rightfully so, for women in the workplace to be viewed and treated equally to their male counterparts. However, in divorce, it’s politically correct to view women as victims.

Aggressive Representation for Men

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