Fathers' Rights in Monmouth County

What does “fathers’ rights” really mean? It means the inherent right to a receive a level playing field for men as pertains to all family law matters, from divorce to post-divorce disputes over child custody and parenting time, child support, alimony reduction and termination, emancipation, college education funding, and cohabitation.

As antiquated as it may appear, even in today’s society, with all of the advancements in gender equality, there is a presumption that, if the choice has to be made between two good parents, the mother should have the higher position in terms of importance, ability to nurture and in terms of significance in the lives of the parties’ children. The mother should be granted the superior position of power simply because she is the mother, the female and therefore the presumed nurturer. This stereotype isn’t fair, but it’s real and unfortunately it plays out in far too many family courts.

Stereotypes in the Family Court System

The stereotype extends to the family court system, and it’s exactly why fathers need the assistance of an experienced New Jersey fathers’ rights attorney. The courts bend over backwards for mothers and wives, promoting the unproven and contrary belief that females are innately situated better to care for their children. The Law Offices of Douglas I. Krompier MBA LLC does the same for husbands and fathers, doing everything possible to level the playing field, representing clients in Monmouth County, Ocean County, and Middlesex County.

Dedicated to Leveling the Playing Field

After exhausting your internet search for an experienced divorce attorney to take on the most important legal matter of your life, you discover that almost all family law attorneys work both sides, representing men and women. Monmouth County Divorce Attorney Douglas I. Krompier MBA LLC spends every day boldly protecting husbands’ and fathers’ legal rights. His mindset is always the same. The strategies he uses have been refined over years of practice to uncover the hidden biased agenda of the other side, to take on wives and mothers who would take advantage of the power they have going into family law cases.

Attorney Krompier is the equalizer, using his years of legal knowledge, in the trenches defense of father’s rights and aggressive style of representation to propel men from a lesser position in the eyes of the court to a position of equality. To simplify matters, his job is to make the court understand the client’s strengths in contrast to the other side’s weaknesses. This is no easy task, but it is a task that attorney Krompier has accomplished time and time again on behalf of New Jersey men just like you.

Consult With a Monmouth County Fathers’ Rights Lawyer

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