What Common Circumstances Constitute A Marriage That Can Be Annulled?

At The Law Offices of Douglas I. Krompier MBA LLC, we have built our reputation over years and years of representing men like you are seeking to end their marriages, often through divorce, but sometimes when the circumstances permit through a legal process called an annulment.  Simply put, an annulment reverses the marriage, so that it is dealt with as though it had never happened.

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The Grounds for Annulment

There are a handful of specific circumstances in which a New Jersey court will grant a party an annulment. We can explain all of them to you when you visit our office, but here are a few scenarios:

Immigration fraud: The most common annulment scenario is when the bride to be is an immigrant from a foreign country. Often this is a result of a “mail order bride” scenario where the courtship is limited to Internet chats. Often, this foreign bride marries a man with her sole, yet unspoken intention of entering the United States on a purportedly legitimate guise. Conveniently, after two (2) years the marriage starts to fall apart. After two (2) years, an alien can petition the Department of Homeland Security under the immigration laws to remove the condition of marriage from her Green Card (VISA) requirements. Once the female alien leaves her husband after a short marriage, leaving the defrauded husband to become incensed over being “used” as a “ticket” into this country and played as nothing short of a pawn. A typical approach to avoid deportation is for an alien wife to claim that she was the victim of a battering husband. The Department of Homeland Security does not freely grant citizenship to aliens who are accused of fraud in an annulment case. The Law Offices of Douglas I. Krompier MBA LLC can counsel you if you are the victim of an immigrant wife seeking a waiver to deportation when fraud was at the heart of the marriage.

Incapacity: Annulment can be granted when a party lacked the capacity to consent to getting married. One or both parties may have been intoxicated and as often played out in movie scripts, got married on a whim, with Las Vegas as a premier destination.   A person may have a mental disability or condition preventing him or her from understanding that a marriage is even taking place.

Reproductive and sexual reasons: An annulment is a possibility if a spouse refuses to have intercourse. A woman may be unable to have children or unwilling to have children, despite claiming her desire to have children, thus concealing the truth from her husband, which raises the possibility of annulment. If a woman fails to tell her husband that she is pregnant by another man at the time they get married, annulment is a possibility as well.

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