New Jersey Prenuptial Agreement Lawyer

Prenuptial Agreements can often be an uncomfortable and difficult topic to discuss with your soon to be spouse.  Despite the natural tendency to avoid approaching the subject, arriving at an agreement before your marriage and setting forth the expectations of both parties upfront often serves to strengthen your relationship and dispel ideas of your being viewed as a “ticket” to the good life. If you are a business owner, professional, celebrity, professional athlete or have children from a previous marriage, it is imperative for you to enter into a prenuptial agreement.

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Preparing Agreements In Compliance With New Jersey State Law

New Jersey recognizes prenuptial agreements as valid and binding contracts, so long as certain criteria are met. There are some grey areas here, but the overarching requirement is that all the assets must be disclosed so that the signees know exactly what they are getting into.

What Can Prenuptial Agreements Address?

Simply put, these agreements can be used by marrying couples to decide any issue that would arise in a divorce, should the relationship turn sour. Men’s divorce lawyer Douglas I. Krompier helps clients create and enforce prenuptial agreements governing:

  • Property division and alimony
  • Separate property versus marital property
  • Responsibility for debts, ranging from credit cards to mortgages to other loans
  • Child custody and child support

Settling Issues Before The Marriage As Opposed To A Postnuptial Agreement

Some couples create postnuptial agreements rather than prenuptial agreements. The truth is that you are always better off with a prenuptial agreement. If you are planning a marriage, it is to your advantage to seek an agreement now rather than later. If you are married and interested in a postnuptial agreement, The Law Offices of Douglas I. Krompier MBA LLC can advise you undertaking such an agreement.

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