Maintaining Your Lifestyle After Your Divorce

In most divorce cases, it is almost a certainty that clients are not able to maintain the exact type of lifestyle they enjoyed during their marriage. Of course, the reason for this outcome is not necessarily an indication of the ability of your divorce attorney, but more the reality that the cost of maintaining two households is greater than the cost of maintaining one household. It is a given that both you and your spouse will have to readjust your lifestyle. That said, the effectiveness of your divorce attorney, whether it be through Collaborative Divorce or litigation can significantly impact the level of change you will likely incur.  Neither party should be reaping an unjust enrichment as a results of your divorce. It is our goal to assure a fair settlement in your divorce, if that divorce was accomplished by way of Collaborative Divorce or if need be, if a trial is necessary, a fair outcome.

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What Is The Marital Lifestyle?

How will you be able to maintain your marital lifestyle after you have divorced from your spouse? It is our goal by carefully guiding you through the process of your divorce, to maintain as close as possible the same or similar standard of living you enjoyed during your marriage. Our experienced and knowledgeable guidance through all aspects of your divorce, including but not limited to real property division, division of assets, allocation of liabilities, child support and alimony, will make the difference between resuming and enjoying your life and living simply to pay for your spouse, so that she may live better than she did during your marriage.

Our firm strives to address each of the issues of your divorce and diligently and aggressively advocates for you, working to see that you get the money that you are rightfully owed or are paying the appropriate and fair amount in support.

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