Is Mediation Or Collaborative Divorce An Option For My Divorce Case?

While the vast majority of  people contemplating a divorce anticipate it as a bitter courtroom battle, it does not necessarily have to take that route.  Alternative approaches such as mediation and Collaborative Divorce provide ways to end a marriage without the resentment and anger that almost always takes center stage during litigation. Notwithstanding, with either method of alternative dispute resolution, it is still, if not more so critical to make sure you protect yourself by having an experienced divorce attorney at the helm of your case.

At the Law Offices of Douglas I. Krompier, we represent men in New Jersey divorce proceedings. We find that many of our male clients can benefit greatly from mediation or Collaborative Divorce for the following reasons:

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  • Either method generally saves money compared to divorce litigation
  • If children are involved, the reduction in emotional conflict is important
  • These methods give control to the parties as to setting the terms of their own futures and the futures of their children, rather than letting a judge decide everything

While most experienced divorce lawyers may favor settlement out of court, certain cases reach such an impasse on some or even all of the issues, whereby they have no choice but to resort to litigation. Contrary to popular belief, divorce attorneys do not usually as routine, go out of their way to encourage litigation. A reputation for reasonableness and fairness on the part of divorce counsel will serve a client better in court if a compromise cannot be worked out on a particular issue. Family court judges tend not to reward divorce lawyers for sticking to extreme and/or “unreasonable” positions.

Looking Out For Your Best Interests

The Law Offices of Douglas I. Krompier MBA LLC is very experienced and totally familiar in identifying which battles are worth fighting versus those issues that carry little or no significance.  Our many male clients, as their testimonials will  confirm, have appreciated attorney Krompier’s unique ability to negotiate positive outcomes while always remaining ready and able to take your family law case to trial. Mr. Krompier educates his clients on the benefits and drawbacks of alternative dispute resolution so clients can make informed decisions without sacrificing their rights. Douglas I. Krompier, Esq. is trained in the Collaborative Divorce process, but is also an experienced, respected and formidable litigator with the trial experience necessary to defend your rights when your spouses’ attorney leaves no choice but litigation.

If your spouse has suggested divorce mediation, Collaborative Divorce or another alternative dispute resolution technique, contact the Law Offices of Douglas I. Krompier MBA LLC to learn about the full range of considerations that must be reviewed and analyzed prior to committing to a decision.  Never agree to any suggestions by your spouse and/or her attorney, prior to first consulting with an experienced divorce attorney who is also a respected Collaborative Divorce attorney, such as Douglas I. Krompier, MBA.