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Unfortunately, having a high income or a lot of assets on one side or both sides is a sure-fire way to make a divorce proceeding a more complex  process. To ensure that these complexities are handled appropriately, that you not concede when you should not, and that you retain that which you struggled to amass over the many years, you require an attorney who has extensive years of experience handling high net worth divorce cases. You will find that experienced and battle tested divorce attorney at the Law Offices of Douglas I. Krompier MBA LLC in Freehold.

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Monmouth county divorce lawyer Douglas I. Krompier MBA LLC has in excess of three decades of relevant experience in finance, economics, accounting, tax, investment, real estate, banking, insurance and college-level teaching, not to mention years of tackling nothing but family law matters. Needless to say, his background including his formal education going far beyond that of his counterparts, with his MBA, makes him more than well qualified to get the full financial picture of a marriage and pursue a fair division of property for the men he represents.

Strategies Built Around Your Financial Picture

Attorney Krompier provides:

Just as the firm is dedicated to fighting the stereotypes of women as the sole nurturers, the firm also understands that stereotypes of men as wage earners are not always accurate. If your wife earns more money, divorce attorney Krompier will fight to get you not only what you need, but what you deserve based on the law, which often includes spousal support and child support.  Do not be bullied or made to feel less than a man, simply because you agreed to raise the children in order for your wife to maximize her earnings potential at work.  This scenario often referred to as a “role reversal” is prevalent in many of the cases before the New Jersey courts.  Attorney Krompier has extensive experience representing men in the very same situation as you.  He has a proven track record of results that break the stereotypical bias, whereby his clients have received their deserving alimony and child support awards, no less than that which a women would receive in an economically similar situation where the roles were traditional in nature.

The Challenges of High-Asset Divorce Property Division

While the property division aspect of many divorce cases is centered around dividing the family home, this is not always the case for high-asset couples.
Complex property division can involve many assets, including:

  • The family home as well as additional real estate holdings located in other states and countries
  • Traditional retirement investments such as an IRA or 401(k)
  • Complicated investments such as stock options, phantom shares, trusts and more
  • Small or large business interests
  • Corporate pensions or compensation packages

In many cases, the facts or your case may require an expert such as a forensic accountant, to assist in getting the complete financial picture. However, defending against forensic accounting may end up being just as important.

Perhaps your wife is currently unemployed or underemployed.  While the pendency of your divorce process will not permit the court to order her to work or to change jobs to a higher paying one, the marital status quo should neither discourage you nor lead you to believe that she will be permitted to sit back after the divorce and rest on your laurels. No matter what challenges arise, you can be confident that you have enlisted the right firm who has years of experience representing men just like you with everything at stake.  When you are facing a divorce, why would you not want your divorce attorney to possess formal credentials that exceed those of his adversary.  Attorney Krompier with his MBA and formal training as a Collaborative Divorce attorney with membership in the state’s two most well respected associations, and his extensive training as a New Jersey Court appointed  Family Law Mediator.

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