New Jersey Pendente Lite and What to Do With Marital Assets

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When a divorce appears inevitable, concerns start to arise regarding the protection of your assets during the process. The question is, how do you protect what is yours from an invasion from your soon to be ex-spouse? There are certain steps that you can take and steps you cannot take. It’s important to understand how the law views certain steps that you may want to take that may seem perfectly reasonable, but in the end, may work against you. Consult an experienced divorce attorney before you start taking matters into your own hands.

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The Law Offices of Douglas I. Krompier MBA LLC in Freehold is dedicated to helping New Jersey men like you protect what they have worked so hard to earn and achieve over the years of their marriage. You can be very confident that your assets will be carefully protected, and that every step will be taken to get you through the divorce process with you emerging with your fair share of the marital property.

Neither Side Can Invade the Marital Assets

While bank accounts can be used to buy things like gas and groceries, you cannot make a mass withdrawal from a joint bank account or sell one of the family cars without obtaining the written formal consent of the other side, or alternatively through a court order. You should not move assets around in any way. These movements can and will be detected, meaning they will end up working against you during your divorce.  Even if you believe you have sole rights to those assets, steps must be taken to assure that you do not do anything to taint your case in the eyes of the court.  Attorney Douglas I. Krompier MBA LLC will advise you what you can and cannot do with your assets.

If Your Wife Invades the Marital Estate

One of your major concerns may be that your spouse is going to dip into the bank account. Perhaps she has even verbally threatened to do just that. While it may be tempting to take the money out of the bank account and place it somewhere for safekeeping, this could be perceived as you doing exactly what you attempted to thwart her from doing.

The reality is that if your wife invades the marital estate, she will not get away with it. Attorney Krompier, armed with his MBA and over three decades of financial and accounting expertise, takes great care to review the full financial picture, and to put into action necessary legal road blocks to prevent or recover funds improperly transferred from an account. Discovery will be conducted to review movement of assets. If your wife withdrew $50,000 from your joint savings account and transferred it into her mother’s account, she will have left an electronic trail behind. This will be used against her in court. Your assets will be protected.

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