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As an experienced professional athlete, you know how much time, determination, sacrifice and dedication it takes to develop the skills to play at the professional level. Countless years of conditioning, mental and physical dedication and training have formed the player you are today — someone that your teammates and your many fans can count on during the important moments of your career.

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As you prepare yourself for yet another pivotal event in your life, one you were not planning for, but nonetheless must be equipped to battle through, you are likely looking for an experienced divorce attorney who has demonstrated that same passion and commitment, as well as a solid record of results when handling high net worth divorce cases. You will find that attorney at the Law Offices of Douglas I. Krompier MBA LLC in Freehold.

Monmouth County divorce attorney for professional athletes, Douglas I. Krompier MBA LLC, who himself was a college athlete and a successful competitive bodybuilder at a national level, training for over thirty years, understands commitment and dedication in athletics and in the courtroom. Attorney Krompier has over three decades of relevant experience in finance, economics, accounting, tax, investment, real estate, banking, insurance and college-level teaching, not to mention years of tackling nothing but family law matters. Needless to say, his educational and professional background, in conjunction with his athletic and competitive nature, makes him well qualified to get the full financial picture of a marriage and pursue a fair division of property for the professional athletes  he represents, whether it be through negotiations via a Collaborative Divorce or if necessary battling it out in the courtroom.

Protecting Your Interests

Chances are that you have experienced in your past a coach or mentor who has helped you develop into the top-level athlete that you are today. As you reflect on those experiences, one of the reasons you listened to and were successful in those situations, was because you were properly guided by an experienced and passionate leader whose purpose was to look out for your best interests and wanted nothing more than to see you succeed.

When you work with attorney Doug Krompier, you will find that his experience and background in high asset divorces will not only help you develop a strategy that will avoid costly pitfalls, but that he always has your back. Depending on your situation, that could mean seeking to have your case files sealed with the Court to maintain your confidentiality, litigating your case in Court when necessary, or proceeding with a Collaborative Divorce and drafting a settlement agreement to handle the situation quickly and efficiently.

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