Divorce for Corporate Executives

Your Corporate Perks Can Survive Your New Jersey Divorce

If you are a corporate executive involved in a divorce in New Jersey, your goal and as is ours is for you to retain possession of the business benefits that are rightfully yours.

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We handle the legal side of career goals for white collar workers exactly like you at the men’s divorce law offices of Douglas I. Krompier in Freehold. We have our own professional goal too: to protect your status as provider, for yourself and your family, as well as loving father to your children.

We keep a watchful eye over your IRAs, 401(k) savings accounts, pensions, deferred compensation, stocks and bonds. We know the questions that must be answered about retirement benefits during the complex property division process; questions like, “When did an asset accrue?” and “When does an account mature?” No family law firm in the state is a knowledgeable or works harder to retain your rightful share of your marital estate.

If you suspect or are experiencing an attack by your soon to be ex-spouse and her attorney, causing your concern that vital areas of your executive-level livelihood will be under siege during your divorce, contact us immediately.  One phone call to our Freehold law offices of men’s divorce attorney Douglas I. Krompier, from wherever you are in the state, could be the first and most important step toward protection of your rights as husband, father, and white collar professional.

That number is (732)431-9188. You can e-mail or fax us too. We return after-hours messages promptly and keep meeting schedules flexible for your convenience.

Protect Your Rights and Professional Position: Call Douglas I. Krompier Now

Our highly experienced divorce lawyer, commanding broad-based formal education and hands-on experience across a wide universe of considerations relevant to corporate executive clients, safeguards the financial interests — assets earned and cultivated over time — of corporate executives, such as:

  • Corporate “perks”
  • Retirement benefits
  • Stock options
  • Phantom Shares
  • Deferred compensation plans
  • Pensions

We will make sure you are aware of every option, every conceivable strategy, from the QDRO (Qualified Domestic Relations Order) to tax liabilities to any military pensions or benefits that could apply. You will be as informed as possible, in order to make informed decisions concerning your future.

Our Monmouth County law offices are well-known for its aggressive representation of upscale professionals just like you. We will work with you directly from the time of your first consultation with us right through to the final adjudication of your case. Contact the trusted family law offices of Douglas I. Krompier today.

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Securing your initial consultation with respected and renowned Freehold, New Jersey, divorce lawyer Douglas I. Krompier, MBA couldn’t be easier. Contact a New Jersey divorce lawyer at (732)431-9188, or by e-mail or fax at (732) 431-8003 for representation in Monmouth County, Middlesex County, or Ocean County. Get a closer look at how we can and will protect your rights as husband, father and corporate executive during your divorce.