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When marital assets acquired are substantial, the need for thoughtful, reasonable and fair division during your divorce process is much greater. The Law Offices of Douglas I. Krompier MBA LLC is frequently hired to protect assets from unfair tactics taken by your spouse and her attorney as well as excessive taxation during this process. The fear and danger of losing too much is a concern for both sides during a divorce. It is critical, in any proposed swapping of assets in property division, that you be made fully aware of the hidden consequences of your decisions.

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In a high-asset divorce, the last thing that your or your spouse want is, to win the divorce battle, only to discover that you’ve both lost the taxation battle, with Uncle Sam walking away as the only victor.

Our clients who were concerned about preservation in business division, include numerous high achievers living or doing business throughout Monmouth County, Ocean County and Middlesex County.

Some law firms may claim that they represent clients in high-asset divorces, but merely representing them without the interdisciplinary experience and formal financial education to do so successfully, does not a success story make.  Talk to Douglas I. Krompier. His MBA in conjunction with his extensive background in accounting, real estate and economics is your best weapon going into a difficult high stakes divorce.

We invite you to examine the area most relevant to you and to call our attorney to discuss your case’s prospects.

Douglas I. Krompier, Monmouth County divorce lawyer for professionals, is New Jersey’s leading men’s rights lawyer, and experienced in all matters of finance, investment and taxation. Call (732)431-9188.  Or send our attorney a one-sentence email describing your situation.