Defending Against Forensic Accounting

Are you a New Jersey business owner, corporate executive, celebrity or professional athlete accused of hiding assets during the complex property division phase of your divorce?

Computer User

Are you being harassed and threatened by your spouse with the prospect of employing a forensic accountant to uncover the alleged hidden assets?

We Defend You Against Forensic Accounting in New Jersey

Your spouse’s legal tactics and unwarranted threats may have you believing that you have no rights in these matters. Don’t be fooled or mislead. The family law offices of Douglas I. Krompier MBA LLC focuses exclusively on the legal and financial needs of our male clients. We protect your rights as professionals, husbands, and fathers at all times.

We are not intimidated in the least by the role of forensic accounting in your divorce. Our law firm’s founder is dedicated to work diligently to prove the absence of deceit or concealment of assets on your part. Your lawyer will fight every effort to harassingly investigate your personal finances and fend off any frivolous requests for excessive documentation intended solely to abuse the legal process. We have expert witnesses of our own who can and will testify to your truthfulness, when the circumstances call for it.

For focused, passionate, experienced and multidisciplinary representation of your rights that you can depend on, come to the Freehold law offices of Douglas I. Krompier MBA LLC. We will defend you against any attempts at intrusive inquiries into your holdings and we will actively defend against forensic accounting tactics that are unfair to you.

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Protecting You Against the Threat of Forensic Accounting

We are experienced and well equipped to fend off demands for your personal and business finance records, tax records, and payroll tax records that go beyond the limits of reasonable discovery requests. We will be ready to safeguard your legal and tax position and to diligently defend you against false accusations by often questionable employees of your closely held New Jersey company, seeking to besmirch your good reputation.

We also take measures to shield the computer versions of your business and financial dealings. These considerations include records on your home computer as well as those used at your company location. We will defend against intrusive demands to bring e-mail, data bases or temporary files into court when aspects of asset and property division are litigated.

If you are being harassed and abused by your spouse and her attorney about the credibility of a business valuation or hidden assets that do not exist, don’t hesitate to bring our dedicated New Jersey law firm into the mix. Our practice was built on the rights of divorcing husbands and fathers, and your freedom from unfair and/or inaccurate forensic accounting.

Speak as soon as possible with Douglas I. Krompier MBA LLC, a law firm, of which our founder has an extensive financial background and is armed with his MBA, enabling him to speak the same language as the accounting experts. We work hard on your behalf and we work with you directly. Satisfied men’s divorce clients routinely vouch for our legal knowledge and commitment to people just like you.

Krompier: The Last Word in Legal Protections for Husbands and Fathers

You must contact us immediately if you suspect that your finances are being looked into and your privacy invaded. Noted divorce attorney armed with his MBA, Douglas I. Krompier, has made the safeguarding of your legal rights his life’s work. Call us now at