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Are you seeking the guidance of an experienced, insightful  and multidisciplinary trained and educated family law lawyer who will protect all of your accomplishments as provider, as well as devoted husband and father, during your New Jersey divorce?

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You have arrived at the right place. At the Freehold law offices of seasoned divorce attorney, Douglas I. Krompier MBA LLC, we excel at accurately and properly examining and analyzing the range of property and assets subject to be divided in your case according to the New Jersey “equitable distribution” statutes.

Whether you are a small, medium-sized, or large scale business owner, a prominent white collar corporate executive, a celebrity or a professional athlete, you have rights in discussions that concern the allocation and distribution involving complex property division.  Your interests are at stake and they deserve nothing less than one of the most well respected and qualified, experienced and technically trained divorce attorneys in New Jersey to protect all that you have achieved. Through our expertise and knowhow we will quickly identify that which is separate property and assets considered to be a marital exemption, of which should not be subject to inclusion in the marital estate and should go to you and you alone. You have a rightful share of certain marital exempt property that no one else should be able to touch.

What you have is a strong legal advocate in Douglas I. Krompier MBA LLC. Our law firm’s founder aggressively represents the interests of husbands, fathers, and polished professionals, celebrities and professional athletes exactly like you. With impeccable educational credentials (JD/MBA), combined with in excess of three decades of relevant interdisciplinary experience in finance, accounting, tax, investment, economics, real estate, mortgage banking, insurance, and teaching, Mr. Krompier is uniquely qualified and suited to speak loudly, confidently  and clearly for your fair share of assets.

Feel free to e-mail us at any time about the equitable distribution portion of your divorce. We return after-hours messages promptly and can schedule your initial consultation for your soonest convenience. We look forward to meeting you, hearing what you have to say, and counseling you on how our uniquely qualified knowledge can help. Call us at (732)431-9188, or you can e-mail us.

Serving Freehold, Ocean County, and Surrounding Areas

We are experienced in all legal matters relating to complex property division and equitable distribution, including the following:

  • Inheritances
  • Professional practice partnerships
  • Professional licenses
  • Interests in closely held corporations or family businesses
  • Family business assets
  • Transfers of assets, pre-divorce
  • Division of marital debt
  • Property appreciation during marriage
  • Terms of prenuptial or postnuptial agreements

We make a point of precisely defining, identifying and dividing marital property. We look at all holdings closely, safeguard them zealously, assure that they are challenge-proof, and uphold your legal rights as husband and father at all times.

Our work ethic is well-known among satisfied former clients, adversaries and the investigators and experts we work with in handling your case. When you see us attend to our business, which is centrally protecting your rights and assets, you will know that the law offices you have retained are uncompromising in the pursuit of your best interests.

Do not hesitate to contact us, and learn how we can be of service in areas of complex property division and equitable distribution. Attorney Douglas I. Krompier MBA LLC is solely dedicated to the promotion of husbands’ and fathers’ rights in New Jersey divorces.

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