Divorce and Property Division

Monmouth County Property Division Attorney

When the discussion turns to the division of your marital property, you must be counseled, so as to fully understand your rights and protect your investments so that you can begin the next chapter of your life, without being buried by your prior one.

In far too many cases, men will sign a property settlement agreement before even talking to an attorney, because they just believed things would work out,  or even worse, just to get it all over and finalize the divorce. This is a critical mistake that can have devastating consequences for your financial future, your children’s future, your retirement, and ultimately your ability to be happy once more.

Monmouth County property division lawyer Douglas I. Krompier MBA LLC has over three decades of experience in finance, economics, accounting, tax, investment, real estate, insurance, and banking that helps him provide comprehensive counsel to all of his clients. This background, which includes his having an MBA, sets him apart from the pack of divorce attorneys and makes him more than well qualified to get the full financial picture of a marriage and pursue a fair division of property for the men he represents.

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New Jersey Divorce Property Settlement Lawyer

At the Law Offices of Douglas I. Krompier MBA LLC, we are experienced in all matrimonial legal matters relating to property division and equitable distribution, whether your divorce be by way of a Collaborative Divorce or through litigation, including the following:

We make it our mission of precisely defining, identifying and dividing marital property in a fair and reasonable manner consistent with the laws of New Jersey, an equitable distribution state. We look at all holdings closely, safeguard them zealously, assure that they are challenge-proof, and uphold your rights as husband and father at all times.

In certain cases, it is equally important that the issue of alimony be considered as part of the property division discussions because income producing property can and often do impact a possible spousal support claim. We will work with your specific situation to determine a customized strategy that fits your circumstances.

The law firm of Douglas I. Krompier MBA LLC is solely dedicated to the promotion of husbands’ and fathers’ rights in New Jersey divorces.

Our work ethic is well-known among satisfied former clients, adversaries and the investigators and experts we work with. We are dedicated first and foremost to protecting your rights and assets and we are uncompromising in the pursuit of your best interests. Do not hesitate to contact us, to discuss our highly trained and experienced legal service in areas of complex property division and equitable distribution.

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Our goal is that you understand your rights and further appreciate our wide range of financial and economic interdisciplinary skill set that allows us to lay the foundation for your post-divorce success story. You can contact our New Jersey fathers’ rights law firm online or call our office at (732)431-9188.