Monmouth County Contempt Attorney

Courts issue contempt orders when the other side files a motion requesting the court find that you are in violation of an existing court order and that you have in some way violated that order, i.e. not complied with it.  The result being a citation with a finding of contempt on your part.  At the Law Offices of Douglas I. Krompier MBA LLC, we defend men against contempt charges.

The most common and obvious source of an order for contempt, is the violation of a court order. The citation may be for ignoring existing orders for back child support, noncompliance with a matrimonial or property settlement agreement, noncompliance with a parenting plan or decision-making agreement, or most common being a violation of an order of protection, i.e. either a temporary or final restraining order.

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During a divorce, contempt orders can be issued for financial misdoings, for withholding property, nonpayment or late payment of bills, seizure of a car and other actions or as stated violating a restraining order, whether it be a temporary restraint pending a trial on the matter, or a final restraining order that is the result of a trial whereby you have been found to have committed an act of domestic violence, whereby a permanent order of restraint between you and another has been entered by the court.

Courts may order two kinds of sanctions in contempt cases: remedial sanctions, to solve the problem in the complaints, and punitive sanctions, when conduct is considered to be insulting to the courts. Punitive sanctions can involve fines or jail time, or both. The court can also make the offender pay attorney’s fees.

Fighting Contempt Charges For New Jersey’s Men

Men are at a disadvantage in contempt cases. There is an unconscious tendency to side with a complaining woman or a man. Our attorney reminds the court to be gender-neutral in this sensitive matter, and to hear your side with as open a mind as it heard the complaint against you.

At the Law Offices of Douglas I. Krompier MBA LLC, we use numerous defenses in contempt cases, ranging from questioning the court’s jurisdiction to questions about the service of the motion to a simple denial that the court order was violated. There are many defenses, and we will use the one that best applies to your case.

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