Educational Expenses And Child Support In New Jersey

Even divorced parents want their sons and daughters to have a first-class education. But when tuition and other college costs average in excess of $35,000 per year, sharp disagreements may and often do arise. Some fathers don’t realize they may be on the hook in New Jersey cases for not just for child support, but to also contribute substantially to college costs, which often include tuition, room and board and books.  Fathers in New Jersey cases are also often asked to contribute towards the cost of college preparation courses, transportation expenses, automobile costs, insurance and maintenance of their college aged child well after the child reaches age 18.

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New Jersey has child support statutes and child support guidelines addressing college expenses. These child support statutes hold that child support is a continuous duty of both parents, that children are entitled to share in the current income of both parents, and that children should not be penalized economically because parents got divorced or never married.

Two major expense items, child support and college costs, are necessarily in tension to one another. If child support was pegged at a generous level, it is presumptively accurate and logical to surmise that there is logically less money left to pay for higher education. Who pays for college, and how much, is a complex calculation, made more complex by the question of whether and how much the child should contribute to these expenses.  The case law in New Jersey is often changing and is not an exact science as it applies to the issue of child support and college contribution when the child is living away at school.  This area of the law is both confusing and often misapplied by both attorneys and judges who are given the task of applying the law to the circumstances of each case brought before them during litigation.  While the issue at the time of the divorce, can and often is addressed by referencing that the parties shall comply with the law when the time comes for the children to attend college, post judgment applications asking the court to interpret that law is often relying on application of a complex set of financial factors, which are often misunderstood and often misapplied.

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College Costs Are Rising Every Day

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