High Net Worth Divorce Equates To High Stakes Litigations?

Asset Protection in High Net Worth Divorce in New Jersey

The most common misconception when it comes to the litigation of a high net worth divorce is to presume that just any experienced divorce lawyer will do. Merely because a divorce lawyer has represented high net worth clients in the past, does not support the conclusion that he or she possesses the “artillery” to defend and preserve the assets that you have worked so hard over the years to acquire. Too often divorce attorneys, lack the “technical financial, accounting, economics and tax know how to properly and ardently litigate the issues of Bonuses, Valuation of business assets , Valuation of Professional Practices, Equitable Distribution of Pensions, SEPS, Keoghs, IRAs, 401(k) accounts , Phantom Shares, Profit Sharing Plans, Stock Reinvestment Plans, and Key Employee Plans. The lackadaisical approach often taken by very experienced divorce attorneys is not because they don’t care, but more because they simply don’t understand. The vast majority of divorce practitioners simply lack the specific practical, financial and technical knowledge, training and education that thirty  years of experience as an MBA, Douglas I. Krompier has acquired through his hands on advice to clients in the areas of investment, accounting, taxes, banking, mortgage banking, real estate, insurance and overall asset preservation.

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Sadly, it is your prior success and ability to earn a high income that has made you the “golden goose”, with a target on your back. Your spouse’s attorney has likely “coached” her to believe that you are her ticket to unbridled and continued good fortune. The fact that your ability to maintain or continue to earn at previously achieved levels of income has likely been derailed as a result of the global economic tsunami is neither of concern or relevance to your spouse or her seemingly disinterested counsel. You desperately require a divorce attorney who not only understands the economic fundamentals that rebut the presumption of similar projected earnings, but is trained and formally educated in these financial disciplines and capable of both explaining and litigating them in the necessary terms to convince the adversary and the Courts that “past performance is not necessarily a guarantee of future results.” Their is much to be gained by your spouse in convincing the Court that your prior earnings shall repeat into the future, as alimony and child support is precariously tied to your income. The Law Offices of Douglas I. Krompier MBA LLC is experienced at negotiating and litigating complex financial divorce cases, because Mr. Krompier understands the complex financial issues and he is both educated and experienced to clearly explain it to your spouse’s attorney. Don’t be the “golden goose” who gets cooked. Call to arrange a consultation to discuss how Douglas Krompier, MBA can safely navigate your high net worth divorce through dangerous waters to safer calmer seas of financial sanity after your case is over.