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Computer UserThe Law Offices of Douglas I. Krompier MBA LLC in Freehold is dedicated to making your divorce as stress free as possible for New Jersey husbands and fathers. The firm’s primary goal: protecting your rights through the divorce. The following divorce tips and pieces of advice can guide and help you along the way.

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Know Your Goals

Start by preparing an outline of your goals upfront. Make decisions early on regarding what you want to achieve in terms of property division, child custody and parenting time schedules, child support, alimony and other issues that will come up during the divorce. Keep your goals reasonable and attainable. Be able to explain them clearly to your divorce lawyer.

Listen carefully to your divorce lawyer’s advice regarding the likelihood and probability of attaining your goals.  Although this may be the first time that you have been down this road, he has been through this hundreds or even thousands of times before and he knows through his experience, the potential outcomes. If your goals are achievable, you can count on him to pursue them. If they aren’t, he will tell you so because he doesn’t want you to spend money unnecessarily striving for goals that aren’t realistic.

Forget What You Heard

If they haven’t already, family members and friends are surely eager to begin throwing you advice about your divorce. A lot of this advice may seem reasonable, but it is important not to buy into any of it until you review the advice with an experienced lawyer.  Remember, no two divorces are the same.  Most often divorced family members and friends simply do not understand the specific facts of your case in comparison to theirs.  Simply because they paid no alimony or receive only alternating weekends for parenting time with their children, does not equate to a similar outcome in your divorce.

For that matter, be careful with the information you get on the Internet. Trust what you hear directly from an experienced divorce lawyer who knows your situation and has the experience and knowledge to analyze your case based on your facts.

Saving Time Is Saving Money

Your attorney and his staff can of course gather all of the documents and information necessary to move your divorce forward. However, this is work that you will be billed for. Anything that you can gather yourself will save your attorney time and save you money.  Speak to your attorney to seek out opportunities to do some leg work on your own which equals savings to you.

While your attorney is here to listen to you and help in any way possible, he is not a trained therapist. This is an emotional time in your life, and while your attorney is there for you to voice your concerns, remember his expertise is in the legal aspects of your case, and as such, it is best that you devote the time spent with your attorney focusing on your legal case and moving it forward.

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