Before Divorce

Monmouth County Divorce Planning Attorney

Getting divorced should be the last option, when a marriage simply cannot be rehabilitated, despite your herculean efforts to do so. If you find yourself considering a divorce, you must explore what  life changes will accompany that outcome.  Chances are that you have many questions, both financial and custody related where children are involved. Finding accurate answers and developing a strategic plan prior to making any drastic decisions, will play a critical role in how your divorce ends.  You must explore the process best suited for you circumstances, from Collaborative to litigation and its effects on you and your family. Computer User Attorney Douglas I. Krompier MBA LLC is a Monmouth County divorce planning lawyer with more than three decades of relevant experience. He has a varied background in finance, economics, accounting, tax, investment, real estate, banking, and college-level teaching, not to mention his legal experience. With his distinctive knowledge and aggressive style of representation for men, you can be confident your rights and interests will be protected.

Each and every day, divorce attorney Doug Krompier represents men faced with challenging family law issues, standing by their side, protecting their rights and carrying out but one mission: to see that men are treated equally, and that they receive a fair and reasonable outcome, and that they remain a significant presence in their children’s lives.

Lawyer Providing Advice on the Pre-Divorce Process

After weeks, months and sometimes years of “trying to make it work”, you know in your heart that the marriage is over. At this point, the most difficult issue men in your position struggle with, is at what point to commence the formal process. Timing can be a critical decision and one that if not considered with the help of an experienced divorce attorney can set the stage for a difficult and often disastrous process. Attorney Krompier can help you answer basic questions, as well as addressing complex issues before divorce proceedings start such as:

Often,one of the most critical mistakes that husbands and fathers make when deciding when to commence a divorce, is not meeting with an experienced divorce attorney who will take the time, by way of a full consultation to explain your economic and custody rights and propose potential outcomes and strategies based on your situation. Don’t be mislead by what you think might happen.  It does not matter what happened to your friend or cousin, or some anonymous blogger on the internet. Your life is unique and your circumstances are yours . You owe it to yourself to seek the advice of an experienced divorce attorney very early in the process.

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Protect your rights. Every one of them, ranging from economic considerations to custody. Start learning the facts and stop guessing, by scheduling a consultation with Monmouth County divorce attorney Douglas Krompier. You will receive an honest, upfront assessment of your case, that is meant to help you understand your likely position and the potential outcome in your divorce. Contact our New Jersey Fathers’ Rights law firm online today, or call our office at (732)431-9188.