Criminal Charges & Your Family

Our office focuses on family law, but we make one exception: serious legal problems that involve family members. It often happens that people we love get into trouble, and when that happens, we are proud to stand beside you and provide aggressive defense to protect your rights and minimize the harm caused by criminal charges.

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We represent clients and their children charged with DUI, domestic assault/family violence, and juvenile crimes such as shoplifting, underage drinking, assault and sexual offenses. These are serious charges, and can and often do have life altering negative impact on you or your child’s schooling, job prospects, and even your freedom.

Sometimes, charges made against you are untrue, and we defend you on the basis of the actual facts of the case. Sometimes the charges may have weight, and our mission in those scenarios is to do everything in our power to work within the law to mitigate the negative effects of a potential conviction by negotiating a lesser charge.

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Our website includes specifics on these criminal areas:

We have been successful in protecting other families from the worst outcomes in the face of criminal charges, and we can do the same for you or your family member.

Experience is the No. 1 factor in family law success. Learn why Douglas I. Krompier is New Jersey’s leading men’s rights lawyer. Call him at (732)431-9188. Or email him a brief description of your criminal problem.