Monmouth County Parental Alienation Attorney

Protecting Fathers’ Relationships With Their Children

A bitter knock down drag out divorce can make a man bitter and battle weary. In addition to being portrayed as the “evil husband,” you may have lost your most if not all of your life savings, your home, and a portion of your income. She may have even received full custody of the children, but there was one thing that you hoped your ex-wife could never take: your relationship with your kids. Unfortunately, you may have been wrong.

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Taking Legal Action Against Parental Alienation

Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) is a real condition that more and more children are developing and suffering from. It is the result of continual, yet often subtle, intimations and actions that a custodial parent engages in to destroy the relationship between a child and his or her non-custodial parent. Because courts tend to favor mothers in custody agreements, it is often the relationship between a father and a child that suffers.

If you have noticed your ex-wife is making false allegations of
domestic violence, if she is regularly making excuses so you cannot see or speak with your children, often claiming that they simply do not want to see or speak to you, or if your children choose to forfeit time with you because their mother promised them gifts, you may have grounds to file a legal motion. If your ex has also been filing frivolous complaints against you with the Division of Children Protection and Permanency (DCP&P) or law enforcement, you may have an even stronger case.

Because it is illegal, both civilly and criminally  for one parent to interfere with the visitation or custody of a child from his or her other parent, in your situation the law may allow you to bring criminal sanctions against your ex-wife. The court considers parental alienation so vile that it will likely order a custody schedule review and a potential change of custody while the alienation charge is being investigated. The ultimate remedy available to the court, being a change in custody all together.

Protecting and Asserting Fathers’ Rights

Have your children been turned against you? Is someone influencing your child? Has your parenting time schedule become nothing more than wishful thinking? Do not let them take control of your life or steal your parenting privileges. Act now to protect your child, save your relationship, and preserve your rights as a father. At the Law Offices of Douglas I. Krompier MBA LLC you will find an understanding attorney who is ready to aggressively advocate on behalf of you and your children. Contact us today.